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On The Street in: PARIS

Street Art seen on the streets of Paris ~ July 20-22 / 2012

Made a quick visit to Paris last weekend so here’s some of the Street Art I saw while there. Some of it is “artist unknown” or not decipherable anyway. I feel it is important to document what is up out there. This is not a commentary on what’s good or what’s important or who’s “known.” It’s just what I saw in my meanderings. Some of it had already been partially torn down or defaced but I wanted to post it anyway just for documentary purposes. – Please let me know if you have any other information on the works shown or their creators. – Enjoy.

Invader at Librarie du Temple

Invader – Mario

Michael Beerens #05

Michael Beerens #36

a SOBR girl

a SOBR maze

another SOBR girl

SOBR girl and WB

WB in La Marais

Melange 28 – Octave, Sepos, Oré & more…

Fucking Money

PopEye 1

PopEye 2

Mosaics in Monmartre

Blé Mosaic in Monmartre

This is Street Art & Free to Love in La Marais

a wormhole into the countryside in La Marais

Kidult sticker in La Marais

Some great abstract faces. These aren’t by Gregory Siff are they?

Some great abstract faces. These aren’t by Gregory Siff are they?

Fred Le Chevalier

Pascal Bruandet (defaced)

The Pope of Fat – Wonder Woman

someone peeking around the corner

Art is a Dirty Job

This begins a series of items that you may or may not consider “ART”

Leaves painted blue in Montparnasse Cemetery

Poem left on Tristan Tzara’s grave in Montparnasse cemetery.

AKZO (is this an ad campaign?)

A 3-legged nightstand left in a phone booth.

Well, that’s it for this trip. Stay tuned to this channel for more “On the Street in:” episodes…

~ all text & photos by Lance Aram Rothstein