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Introducing – [kromiəm] 500 – a High Speed Color Slide Film from Labeauratoire!!

Introducing – [kromiəm] 500 – a High Speed Color Slide Film from Labeauratoire!!


There’s just nothing like chrome film, and that’s why I’m excited to announce that the newest addition to our Labeauratoire lineup is [kromiəm] 500. It’s a high speed color slide film that fits most lighting situations. Put it in your 35mm camera and feel confident that you can be ready for just about anything that comes your way. You can set the ISO/ASA to 400 and shoot normally or underexpose slightly for better saturation.

Originally manufactured for industrial purposes, this film will work perfectly in your still 35mm camera. Notice it does not have any frame numbers or edge printing so it’s perfect for shooting “sprockets!”

This film expired several years ago, but it’s still giving some nice results as you can see. It is balanced for daylight but also gives an interesting blend of hues in mixed lighting as well. 


My panoramic shots were made in the late afternoon, with the Lomography Spinner 360º set on the bright sun mode.

  You can also see more pictures shot with this, and other unique films in the: LABEAURATOIRE FLICKR GROUP. 

My non-panoramic examples were shot with my Canon EOS Elan 7ne and its Canon EF 40mm ƒ2.8 Pancake lens. – All photos on this page developed in E6 chemistry at The Darkroom

Here’s your chance to try out this exciting film! I’m making some rolls available for your experimenting pleasure. 

I don’t put direct commerce links on WordPress, but you know how to find “Labeauratoire”.

Happy Shooting folks!


Butcher Brings Majestic Everglades to Coconut Grove

Acclaimed large-format nature photographer Clyde Butcher will be opening a new gallery in Coconut Grove, Miami this February.

The prolific photographer is set to attend the grand opening of his new “Everglades Gallery,” located at 2994 McFarlane Road on Friday, February, 13, (a great Valentine’s Day date.) Butcher will also be on hand at an invitation-only V.I.P. event on Tuesday evening, January 13, to give a keynote presentation at 8pm.

The new gallery apparently opened its doors for a while during the holidays, as reported in this Coconut Grove Grapevine Article:


The Clyde Butcher Facebook Page also posted some pictures of the gallery set-up in progress:


Butcher’s majestic black and white photographs are surely among the most moving representations of Florida’s vanishing wilderness you’ll ever see.  As I stated before in my review of his “Preserving Eden” exhibition, Butcher is one of the greatest American landscape photographers and clearly one of the hardest-working men in the business.

This Coconut Grove “Everglades Gallery” joins Butcher’s other two venues, the “Big Cypress Gallery” in Ochopee, and “The Venice Gallery & Studio” just south of Sarasota, which also houses his 2000 sq. ft. darkroom.

So take note Miami, you now have no excuse not to go see the work of this living legend for yourself.

Film shop temporarily closed, relocating to Sunshine State!

Greetings from Labeauratoire, (LA-BOW-RA-TWAR) your online source for rare and interesting vintage photographic film.

frame #7 – Palm frond in Palm Harbor, Florida. FILM: Fujichrome Velvia RVM 8450 Motion Picture Film (expired 2008)  CAMERA: Ricoh 500GX (Black 1977)

If you haven’t heard already, I must inform you that I’m moving to Florida, so I must pack up my little shop and have it all in storage for a while, which means I must close the online store for a bit starting at the end of October 2014. No orders will be allowed and I won’t have access to the products until my move is complete which could take several weeks or more.

This also means that once I re-open, the Shipping Charges will unfortunately be increased for most customers in Europe. While the prices for US customers will likely stay the same, they will be getting their orders much faster.

However, If you have been thinking of trying our Caffenol Concoction, you can still get that while I’m closed through our great distributors in the US and Europe.

Labeauratoire's Caffenol Concoction

In USA check out:

In Europe try:

I have tested my Caffenol Concoction on dozens of different films.

FILM: Eastman High Contrast Pan Intermediate Film SO-331 (expired 2003)


Here is just a partial list of film’s I have developed successfully using this recipe: Ilford HP5, Ilford Mark V, Ilford 3200 Pro, PolyPan F, Bergger BRF-200 , Fuji NeoPan 400, Kodak Panatomic-X, Kodak T-Max 400, Kodak T-Max 3200, Kodak Tri-x, Kodak Plus-X, Kodak Kodalith, Eastman Double-X, Eastman High Contrast Pan 5369, Eastman Super-XX Nitrate Film, Eastman FGSR5375 Fine Grain Movie Film, Eastman High Contrast SO-331, Tasma 64, ORWO NP30, ORWO NP20, ORWO NP22, ORWO NP55, ORWO NP27, ORWO Pan 100, ORWO Pan 400, ORWO MA8, ORWO PC7, ORWO N74, ORWO UN54, AGFA Pan 25, AGFA APX 400, Forte Pan 400, Lucky SHD 400, Perutz Perpantic 17, Macophot 400, Vari-X VariCath, FomaPan 200, FomaPan T800, and there are too many more to list here, but you can check out this gallery of pictures developed in our Caffenol Concoction.



You may not know that I was one of the very first to be gathering old stocks of vintage film to preserve and make available for your experimenting pleasure. Many have joined the bandwagon since I opened my little online store in early 2010, and I know you now have other places you can shop. So I thank you for your continued support.

Soon after I re-open, I’ll send out another notice with the new shipping rates and maybe even announce a new film or three 😉

Thanks again, and Happy Shooting!

Sincerely, Lance

PS: If you haven’t already, please join our Flickr group where people are posting their exciting results from our Caffenol Concoction and from our vintage films:

Breaking News: Black & Yellow to be new Duochrome Film from Impossible Project


Black and Yellow will be the first “Duochrome” film to be released by the Impossible Project.

Coming soon to Impossible Pioneers’ inboxes will be an announcement offering the next film in their “Monochrome and Duochrome” line of instant film.
Following their successful releases of Cyanograph and Magentatype films, will be a (yet unnamed?) film featuring yellow and black.

I’ve heard reference to their duochrome films in other posts, so I can only assume that this will be their first release in that line. Even though technically “black” isn’t really a color, it should be an interesting match, and of course it’s the natural next progression to follow the cyan and magenta films.

This Black and Yellow film was un-solicitously mentioned to me (and others with me) by two separate sources at the Impossible Poject Factory during their Open House Tour yesterday (October 24) in Enschede, Nederland.

It seems obvious that making a film with only a yellow layer would be way too light for most people’s liking. So adding black makes good sense to give it contrast. This implies that their process is actually a four color process instead of a three color processes as I had assumed.

I had friends who really loved the Cyanograph film and I did buy one pack which I have not used yet. But I was much more excited by the look of the Magentatype film. I used it to shoot some vintage military hardware during the “Tanks in Town” event earlier this year in Mons, Belgium. I thought the pink color would be perfect for weapons if war. And I guess that’s exactly the point of these films… different photographers will find different and unique ways to use each monochrome or duochrome film in their own special way.

After thinking about it, I can’t really imagine what a yellow and cyan, or magenta and cyan duochrome would look like, so this “line” of film should be pretty interesting.

Our tour of the factory was very enlightening in other ways as well. I realized just how massive their whole operation is. And this made me understand that they really can’t just rely on the diehard artist fanboys. They NEED the hipsters and grandmas and Asian teens and any other warm body with a wallet to buy their product.

Because the existing Polaroid factory in Enschede was so massive, they didn’t really have the same opportunity that the Ferrania guys do: to keep only small selected parts and buildings from the old factory campus. (though this was done as much as possible) The initial Impossible investors basically had to Go Big or Go Home. So, as is evident by the various frames and shapes and new marketing strategies, they’re trying to get everyone they can on board to keep this thing going.
Let’s hope they do.