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On the Street in: BARCELONA

On the Street in: BARCELONA

We had a nice visit to Barcelona, Spain for Christmas break. Our first time there. I spent a lot of time working on my own stuff to post on the streets there which you can see at rayjohnsonfanclub.com . But as always I took some time to capture whatever I came across in my meandering, touristic travels.

First up is a piece I assisted on, by friend Mimi the Clown at Pl. les 3 Xemeneies in the Poble Sec neighborhood along Para-lel.


Mimi the Clown in Barcelona.


Mimi the Clown in Barcelona.

While there I came across MOHΔK just starting a large wall piece.


MOHΔK at work in Barcelona.

Here’s her photo showing how it turned out after 2 days of solid work. Click it for more by her.

This photo © MOHΔK. Click it for more by her.

Also in Pl. les 3 Xemeneies were some more large works. Here’s a nice piece by Marina Capdevila working around an odd hole in the wall.


Marina Capdevila in Barcelona.

On the same wall is this gripping work by The Dulk & Sebas.


The Dulk & Sebas in Barcelona.

Not to be outclowned here’s another wall there by BETA1.


BETA1 in Barcelona.

Moving on to the area around the improvised skatepark in front of MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona).

Here’s the first piece I saw there by the prolific artist C215. Unfortunately scrawled over.  I was hoping to come across more of his work on the street considering he had an exhibition going on at Barcelona’s Montana Paint Shop Gallery through 2/2/2013. (come back soon for my full review of that show with lots of photos.)


C215 in Barcelona.

Here’s the only other one of his street pieces I saw on this trip, just down the street from the gallery where his show was on over near the Arc de Triomf. (my handmade sticker seen underneath it.)


C215 & Ray Johnson Fan Club in Barcelona.

Back near the museum we came across some good work while looking for a good spot to eat.


Fresh Fake by someone from Fatal Fake Club / Crew? FatalFakers


Spaghetti & Meatballs? by IESK in Barcelona.


A nice unsigned paste-up of a blue unicorn / horse head or chess piece knight?


“Color Flies” up since 2010 by Alain81


Unsigned Black & White on Red stencil of a boy holding a pearl? Up since at least June 2012.


A couple of strange pieces up directly across from MACBA. Jaws / Shark and some superheroes?


Happy Face bomb and a beautiful stencil by AliCè: Alice Pasquini.

Unfortunately, the nicest piece I saw in Barcelona was by someone I have not yet been able to identify.  This piece was put up directly across the entrance from MACBA. A large grid with dozens of tiny faces painted on single squares of toilet paper.  On white tape it was titled “Caras de Barcelona” (Faces of Barcelona) And on another strip it is signed with something that looks like “aléj” ??? I couldn’t find any reference to any artist working this way. Help me out if you know who did this unique piece.


“Caras de Barcelona”


“Caras de Barcelona”

I photographed these on 26 December, and when I returned 3 days later the pieces of paper had all been burned. This area ia a skatepark so I assume the bored kids decided to take a lighter to each face individually. I doubt the artist did this intentionally.  I actually like the result as an evolution of what happens to art on the streets.


“Caras de Barcelona” (burned)


“Caras de Barcelona” (burned)

One day we took a side trip up to Montserrat. A beautiful cathedral at the monastery there. I caught this Bunbuns 2006 sticker by Mattt Baay on a railing on my way out. Up since 2006??? Nice spot!


Bunbuns 2006 sticker in Monserrat

Now back to the Poble Sec area where we had rented an apartment.


A Dog with heart by RESKO.


Another piece I can’t quite make out. Is it “Joa” ? and seems to say “Lugaty x Sins.” – Any info???


Double shot of Mister Pencil / Monsieur Crayon


It seems this triptych by Dyox & Jaik Spayk has been up for nearly 3 years at least.

Our last day we headed to Barceloneta beach. Only there for a quick lunch so this funny little cow sticker was the only thing I came across there.


Cows sticker Barceloneta Beach.

And I’m not sure it’s considered Street Art, but along the beach there’s many people making very elaborate sand castles & sculptures. Most of them have a hat or bucket out to collect money. I wish I’d gotten some better shots of them. Some were quite amazing.


Sand sculpture Barceloneta Beach.

So that’s about it for this “On the street” segment. I’ll be completing a long post on the C215 exhibition on the next few days. And I’ll be posting more of my own work done while in Barcelona soon as well.
Adios! ~ Lance

frame #10 – Urban deStijl – Barcelona, Spain.  – CAMERA: Olympus XA3 (1985)  – FILM: 35mm Polaroid 200 Def1 (expired 2002) DATE: 12/26/2012