Big BOGO Film Sale This Weekend

Big BOGO Film Sale This Weekend

Hello film lovers! As you may know, I’ve just relocated to Clearwater, Florida.
And I’m finally ready to get back to full capacity.
I have at least three new 35mm films I’ll be introducing in the coming months, but this weekend, I’m offering ONE FREE ROLL of FILM with every item purchased!!
So: Order a three pack, get one roll free.
Order a two pack, get one roll free.
Order one roll, get one roll free!!!
Order one packet of our Caffenol Concoction Natural Alternative Developer, get one roll of film free!

We have some of the most intriguing films available including :

Labeauratoire’s BLACKOUT, Kodak High Contrast HCP 5369, Hawkeye Surveillance Film, VariCath Cineradiography Film, ORWO Color NC3, ORWO PC7, Eastman Plus-X 5231 Cinematic, Lucky 200 Aerial Chinese Spy Film, Polypan F 50 Professional, Ilford Mark V, ORWO NP55, ORWOPAN , Velvia RVM 8540, Eastman Ektachrome 7239,  Labeauratoire’s Phoenix Red-Scale, Eastman Double-X 5222 , Kodak Kodalith, Eastman High Contrast SO-331, Tura Pan Line Film (AKA Bluefire Police), Svema MZ-3, Eastman 5360DMP, Kodak Rapid Process Copy Film, ORWO UN54, Ferrania FG200, Ferrania, Perutz Perpantic, AGFA Agfachrome CRD, ORWO NP 7 400, Eastman FGSR5375 Fine Grain, Kodak Aerecon II 3404, Kodak REPRO 2566, MACO UP 400 plus, Imation Scotch Color HP 100, VALCA grano fino Cine, Polaroid HD 200 Def 1, Cinerad FT419X, Kodak Ektachrome 64T EPY, Kodak Ektacolor Pro Gold 160, Gevaert Copex Pan Rapid, Kodak Holographic SO-253
And More to come soon!!!
I’ll be selecting the free rolls based on what I have available.
They will be either 12 or 20 exposure rolls. (depending on how much you order)
Offer expires Monday Morning, so get your orders in soon and I’ll get to rolling and packing them. You might even be able to save a bit on combined shipping if you simply eMail me with your order and I can send you the PayPal invoice.
Mention code: BOGO215 with your order.
I don’t put direct commerce links on WordPress, but you know how to find “Labeauratoire”.
Hope you have a good weekend, and as always…
Happy Shooting!
~ Lance

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