Labeauratoire Film Shop is Back in Business! … in Florida :-) (+secret discount code)

After a one month hiatus, the Labeauratoire (pronounced La-bow-ra-twar) online film shop is back online and ready for orders.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.19.48 PM

Our Labeauratoire is all about “Beautiful Experimentation,” and we have more than FORTY different rare and unique film stocks for you to experiment with, including two different Bulk Films now available!  (read through to the end to get a secret discount code.) We also have our own Caffenol Concoction, an all natural alternative black & white film and print developer.

Film and prints developed with our Caffenol Concoction.

check out our


Here’s a quick and dirty list with just some of the new films we have available:

Valca Grano Fino Positiva: A very rare cinematic B&W film manufactured in Spain! See my full report on this intriguing film here.

Valca developed in Caffenol Concoction.

Kodak Aerecon II – 35mm Aerial Reconnaissance Film With extended red sensitivity!

Kodak Aerecon II developed in Caffenol Concoction.

Imation Scotch Color HP 100 – A wonderful film from the old Ferrania / Imation factory in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Imation Scotch Color HP 100

Kodak Holographic SO-253: A rare and unique B&W, high contrast scientific film with an odd spectral sensitivity. Also available in 100ft bulk rolls!

Holographic SO-253 developed in Caffenol Concoction.

Kodak Ektachrome 64T: A Fine Grain E6 Color Slide film balanced for tungsten lighting. Makes cool images in daylight! Also try cross-processing or using a filter.

Ektachrome 64T

FT419X Pan Cinerad Film: A mysterious ISO 40 B&W Cine-Radiography Film giving great results!

Pan Cinerad FT419X developed in our Caffenol Concoction.

Ektacolor Pro Gold 160 GPX : A rarely seen 35mm C-41 Professional Color Print Film with a vibrant color palate.

Kodak Ektacolor Gold Pro 160 color print film.

MACO UP 400 plus: A cool German Import available in 12 exposure rolls. Perfect for B&W experimentation!

MACO UP 400 plus developed in our Caffenol Concoction.

Kodak REPRO 2566: An Orthochromatic B&W Reproduction Negative Film. Ultra-High Contrast / Estar Thin Base.

Kodak Repro 2566 developed in our Caffenol Concoction.

Gevaert Copex Pan Rapid Tri 13:  The original Belgian 35mm B&W Perforated Microfilm.

Gevaert Copex Pan Rapid Tri 13 developed in our Caffenol Concoction.

Polaroid High Definition 200 Def 1: Your favorite brand in a different flavor! A great color film for your 35mm camera.

Polaroid High Definition 200 Def 1

Agfachrome CRD: An E6 color daylight duplicating film with an ISO of 12.

Agfachrome CRD

And here are some old favorites we have Back in Stock!

Kodalith! An original and popular, high contrast, orthographic film.  Great for Fashion shoots and fun to experiment with.

Kodalith developed in our Caffenol Concoction.

Lucky 200 Aerial Chinese Spy Film: A vintage, distressed, aerial B&W film from Chinese military surplus.

Lucky 200 Aerial Chinese Spy Film

and finally….

Kodak RPC: The Rapid Process Copy Film that produces Black & White Transparencies with high concentrate B&W developer.

Kodak RPC

You know where to find us! Just look up “Labeauratoire” for all this new and exciting film! (Since WordPress isn’t the place for direct commerce.) But if you send me an eMail with the code (HOLIDAY14) I’ll give you a 10% discount in the form of a PayPal refund! Offer good through January 1, 2015!

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at our new films. There’s plenty more info and examples on our Labeauratoire site.

You may not know that I was one of the very first to be gathering old stocks of vintage film to preserve and make available for your experimenting pleasure. Many have joined the bandwagon since I opened my little online store in early 2010, and I know you now have other places you can shop. So I thank you for your continued support.

PS: If you haven’t already, please join our Flickr group where people are posting their exciting results from our Caffenol Concoction and from our vintage films:

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