Achtung! FOTOIMPEX becomes German distributor for Labeauratoire’s Caffenol Concoction

Achtung! FOTOIMPEX becomes German distributor for Labeauratoire’s Caffenol Concoction. 

FOTOIMPEX wird deutscher Distributor für die Labeauratoire “Caffenol Concoction”.

Labeauratoire's Caffenol Concoction

Now you can get our wonderful Caffenol Concoction alternative B&W film developer from our German Distributor FOTOIMPEX!

(Jetzt können Sie unsere wunderbare Caffenol Concoctiona alternative Schwarz & Weiß film-Entwickler aus unseren deutschen Distributor FOTOIMPEX erhalten!)

Please visit their website here:

DEVELOPER: Labeauratoire’s Caffenol Concoction. CAMERA: Diana Mini Premier Cru (24×24) FILM: Kodak Aerecon II 3404 (expired 10/1998)

Yes, it’s true! You can develop B&W film with a careful combination of natural, household substances. Our not-so-secret recipe contains a special blend of different bottom-shelf instant coffees, washing powder, vitamin c powder, and natural sea salt. Labeauratoire’s new Caffenol Concoction has been refined over years of experimentation and tested on dozens of different films with spectacularly unique results! Now we’re making it available for you to try yourself!

Frame #6 St. Oberholz café in Berlin. DEVELOPER: Labeauratoire’s Caffenol Concoction – CAMERA: Vredeborch Felica (1955) – FILM: ORWO NP22 ISO 125 (expired 11/1991)

The concept of “caffenol” is not new. It’s been around for quite a while now and there are many different recipes out there. You might even want to try making your own. But if you’d like to use our tried & tested formula, I’ve carefully measured and packaged the perfect amount for your 600ml developing tank.

Each packet comes with complete instructions for developing your own film at home. (Or you can read directions on our website here.) Our Caffenol Concoction may not be the finest quality film developer you can buy. But many people are enjoying the quirky results from this natural, alternative process.

You can see hundreds of example photos from film developed in our Caffenol Concoction here:

And here is a list of just some of the other film’s I have developed successfully using this method:

Und hier ist eine Liste von nur einigen der anderen Films habe ich erfolgreich mit dieser Methode entwickelt:

Ilford HP5, Ilford Mark V, Ilford 3200 Pro, PolyPan F, Bergger BRF-200 , Fuji NeoPan 400, Kodak Panatomic-X, Kodak T-Max 400, Kodak T-Max 3200, Kodak Tri-x, Kodak Plus-X, Kodak Kodalith, Eastman Double-X, Eastman High Contrast Pan 5369, Eastman Super-XX Nitrate Film, Eastman FGSR5375 Fine Grain Movie Film, Eastman High Contrast SO-331, Tasma 64, ORWO NP30, ORWO NP20, ORWO NP22, ORWO NP55, ORWO NP27, ORWO Pan 100, ORWO Pan 400, ORWO MA8, ORWO PC7, ORWO N74, ORWO UN54, AGFA Pan 25, AGFA APX 400, Forte Pan 400, Lucky SHD 400, Perutz Perpantic 17, Macophot 400, Vari-X VariCath, FomaPan 200, FomaPan T800, Gevaert Copex,

and most excitingly, Labeauratoire’s own BLACKOUT B&W Transparency Film – see this photo below.


BLACKOUT B&W Transparency film developed in Labeauratoire’s Caffenol Concoction.

YES!!! – You can have naturally sepia-tinted B&W Slides! Using our BLACKOUT Super Slow, Ultra High Contrast Transparency Film with our Caffenol Concoction, you’ll get a rich brown tone without any digital kung-fu. It’s like Scala and Kodalith had a baby and called it BLACKOUT!  You can see more examples from this unique film here:

http: //

*You can also use our Caffenol Concoction as a paper developer.

* Sie können auch Fotopapier entwickeln mit unseren Caffenol Concoction.

Printed in the darkroom with our Caffenol Concoction.

CLICK HERE to see tips on developing paper.

KLICKEN SIE HIER um Informationen über die Entwicklung Papier sehen.

Anyway, I know you’ll enjoy experimenting with this exciting developer. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I’m “LANCEPHOTO” on Flickr or you can eMail me LANCE [at] LANCEPHOTO.COM

Und vergessen Sie nicht! Hetzt Deutsch-Kunden können sie schneller erhalten Sie bei:

click their logo above to visit their site, or go to:

Happy Shooting!!



Please do not duplicate without permission.


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