Nice post on Labeauratoire in Portuguese on DXFoto

Check out this nice post by JULIO FRANÇA from 23 December in Portuguese about Labeauratoire: (translation below)

Labeauratoire: beautiful experimentation

 Here’s a (really bad) auto-translation of what it basically says:

“Provider craziest movies I’ve found on the net, Lance Rothstein is responsible for Labeauratoire site that sells exotic, ancient or foreign films. Basically it is a nut who does not live safe and buying cameras, film and other related stuff and burning through money at it. To help sustain addiction decided to sell some cameras and film and now turned it, a place to buy old movies, but very old or else exotic brands.

Photographic chemical addiction

For those who like (i) of expired film, has some 1956 copies, imagine the suit of the films that have been offered on the site.

Have film for every taste: black and white, color, negative, positive, 135, 120, old movies, modern films strangers, etc.. It’s the old story, one never has too film, and we can always leave it in the refrigerator to minimize the effects of time on the unexposed film.

And the willingness to spend more and more on film, now with the help of a madman who hunts for strange films?”

Obrigado my fellow film fanatic!

~ Lance


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