Kodalith & Scala had a baby and they called it BLACKOUT!!

BLACKOUT Film is here! Try this High Contrast Black & White Transparency Film.


#2 Bell Tower – Mons, Belgium. on BLACKOUT with Caffenol.

CAMERA: Canon EOS ELAN 7ne (2004) LENS: Canon EF 40mm ƒ2.8 Pancake lens
FILM: “BLACKOUT”   (expired 1989)  DEVELOPMENT:Caffenol 16min. @ 20°c


BLACKOUT!: A Super Slow, Ultra High Contrast,

Orthochromatic B&W Transparency Film

20 exposures per roll –  expired 2010
ISO 0.375  (see exposure suggestion below) 


This is one of the most unique films I have come across. It is a vintage, expired film which provides exquisite, ultra-high contrast black and white transparencies using normal B&W developers. Unlike some other B&W slide film, Blackout works well with most developers and gives some of the deepest, darkest blacks I have ever encountered in a film, yet still manages to retain much of the detail in the upper-middle highlight range as you can see from these examples.

#9 Coudenberg BXL

#9 Coudenberg Brussels – on BLACKOUT in Rodinal.

CAMERA: Diana Mini Premier Cru (24×24)  FILM: “BLACKOUT”   (expired 1989)
DEVELOPMENT: AGFA Rodinal 1:50 for 13min @ 20°c

This is a rarely seen, orthochromatic film manufactured around 1989. It has a slightly brown film base before developing, but clears nicely making it easy to scan and ready to mount as slides if desired. It is very high contrast and the shadows blackout quickly.
It is like Kodalith and Scala had a baby, but rated it around ISO 0.375  This is great for long exposures and pinhole cameras so a tripod or stable surface is fairly mandatory unless you have a very fast lens. Many light meters do not go this low but if you use the iPhone light meter app, you can read for 0.8 and then at least double that shutter time.

#4 Place du Parc ~ B&W Slide film developed in Caffenol

#4 Place du Parc ~ B&W Slide film developed in Caffenol.

CAMERA: Canon EOS ELAN 7ne (2004) LENS: Canon EF 40mm ƒ2.8 Pancake lens
FILM: “BLACKOUT”   (expired 1989)  DEVELOPMENT:Caffenol 16min. @ 20°c

  This shot above was developed in Caffenol for 16 min at 20°c and has a natural sepia tone that was not altered or enhanced in Photoshop! – Or, if you prefer even higher contrast and no sepia tint, use a normal B&W developer such as the Rodinal I used in this next shot.

#3 Gare Couple

#3 Gare Couple, Mons, Belgium on BLACKOUT in Rodinal.

4 sec. exposure @ ƒ11 CAMERA: Diana Mini Premier Cru (24×24)

FILM: “BLACKOUT”  (expired 1989) DEVELOPMENT: AGFA Rodinal 1:50 for 13min @ 20°c

Read and see more from this exciting film via this link:




All images are © Lance Aram Rothstein and not to be used without permission.



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