Endangered Graffiti mecca at Decatur Waterworks

I took a walk with my mother down the South Peachtree Creek trail on 7/17/11. We came to the old Decatur Waterworks which she’d told me about from her visit there last year. It looks as though they’ve started a pretty big construction project there tearing down some of the structures to make a retention pond among other things. I just wanted to document some of the great artwork there before it’s all torn down if that’s their intention… and of course to make my own contribution.

trail view

View down the South Peachtree Creek Trail.

R.I.P. Liz Taylor

The face under the stairs...

can't decipher the signature but it's a very cool Triple Virgin Mary.

some sweet smaller pieces.

Here's my contribution: picturecrossing No.440 of a huge graffiti spot at a little skate park in London, England near the London Eye.

here's where I left PX No.440. Can you see where it is? Well Matt Harshaw did. He found it there the day I left it. I'll post a link to a picturecrossing Blog Post here soon.

So all in all a fairly cool spot. Certainly not what you’d expect to come across in the middle of a nature trail and I’m sure there’s many who see it as an eyesore, but there is plenty of nice nature around there (we saw bluebirds and a chipmunk!) And from what I hear there was much more to be seen before this latest construction started. – If you’re in the area I think it’s worth a look.


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